Why Co-sourcing

Co-sourcing is a business practice where a service is performed by both staff from inside an organization and also by an external service provider.Example of co-sourcing for a client is outsourcing part of software development activities to an external organization, while keeping part of the development in-house.

This is true to most organizations who has an in-house IT team to take care of project implementations and post implementation support but wants to partner with an eligible organization who has the ability to host some of the solutions off-site or offshore some of the work for recognizing cost saving benefits as well as provide them with 24/7 support.

Recognizing this potential we at IBT Global Solutions can partner with the clients in-house IT teams to complement each other efforts and resources in delivering the following benefits in IT services to the clients.

Cost Savings
Lower Cost is one of the main reasons in providing co-sourcing solutions. While traditional off-shoring started because of this very reason, because of cultural and economic differences, it was realized that a blend of off-site and off-shoring services working in partnership with the clients in-house team is much more effective in providing the (real) cost savings to an organization.
Knowledge and Expertise
Co-sourcing gives you access to knowledge pools that you might not have inside your own in-house team. Co-sourcing also enables you to focus on your company's core business and competencies. This gives best of the both worlds in terms of resources to your company.
Risk and Quality Control
While traditional out-sourcing agreements were structured in a way that the responsibility to produce a certain quantity/quality of output is placed at the outsourcing provider, co-sourcing facilitates better risk management and tracking by placing responsibility on both the parties involved in their service level agreements. This will provide the impetus for cooperation between both the sides on innovation and host of other initiatives.
Capacity Management
Co-sourcing gives you a tool to manage the output and the development and support activities in IT akin to production capacity in a flexible way.
24/7 Operations Cycle
Using external resources, clients can leverage and cover time-zones that are not covered by domestic operations or capitalize on 24 hour operations cycle to increase production support bandwidth.

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